Officers and Board of Directors



James Underberg, MD, MS

New York, NY



Don Wilson, MD

Fort Worth, TX


Pam Morris, MD

Charleston, SC



Dean Bramlet, MD

St. Petersburg, FL

Board of Directors

Directors Expiring 2023

P. Barton Duell, MD

Portland, OR


Michael Miller, MD

Baltimore, MD


Ron Goldberg, MD

Miami, FL


Directors Expiring 2021

Linda Hemphill, MD

Boston, MA


David Maron, MD

Stanford, CA


Kaye-Eileen Willard, MD

Racine, WI

Directors Expiring 2022

Wayne True, MD, MPH

La Mesa, CA


Robert Wild, MD, MPH

Oklahoma City, OK


Amy Peterson, MD

Madison, WI


Michael Shapiro, DO

Winston Salem, NC


Eugenia Gianos, MD

New York, NY